Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Aprilia RSV4

With a roaring v4 engine, a configuration straight out of MotoGP, this lithe 2-wheeler can put many a all powerful Japanese super bikes to shame. The traction control that Aprillia has blessed it with has 8 different settings, and is very unobtrusive, fooling the rider into believing that its all him; and in that sense, it is very satisfying.

Its details are as finely designed, the toe-shifter, wing mirrors and even the brake levers are all intricately designed. It is classic Italian in its style, and strives to be unique. Just look at the triple headlamp layout to know what I mean. 

The Aprilia RSV4 is a super bike manufactured by Aprilia. The RSV4 is Aprilia’s flagship model. Aprilia offers two models of the bike: the RSV4 Factory and RSV4 R.

Production of the motorcycle began in 2008. The motorcycle was unveiled on February 22, 2008, at the International Piaggio Group Convention in Milan, Italy. It is powered by a 65-degree 999.6 cc (61 cu in) V-4 engine, the company's first production four-cylinder engine. It has an oversquare configuration of 78mm x 52.3mm. Aprilia claims that the new engine was designed specifically for superbike racing and that the engine will put over 200 horsepower (150 kW) in race configuration. In stock form though, it produces just over 180bhp, which is still very impressive.
It might not be as powerful as the 200 bhp Kawasaki Ninja, but it delivers its power in a very linear fashion- unlike the kwacker's peaky power chart. The gem of an engine also features in the naked Tuono V4 R, along  with the same capable chassis. 

Aprilia launched the bike to race in the 2009 Superbike World Championship season.


Max Biaggi race replica
In 2009, its first full season of World Superbike racing, Max Biaggi aboard the RSV4 reached the podium 9 times, and won one race at theBrno Circuit. Aprilia factory teammate Shinya Nakano ended the season in 14th place.

Biaggi won the championship in 2010, and contracted to race the bike for another two seasons, citing his positive experience with the team and development of the bike into a successful racer and, despite his age, wanting to continue with the momentum they had built up.
The Aprilia RSV4 is available as a customer specified race bike from the factory as a Max Biaggi replica.

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