Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Apple iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus

A new iphone launch is always a big event and Apple has just now released their latest smartphone, the iphone 7.

Key Features:
Dual Rear cameras(standard and telephoto) for the Iphone 7 plus

New capacitive home button with added features
New colors, the brilliant glossy "jet black" and the matte finish "black".
The new A10 fusion quad core chip, the fastest chip in any smartphone ever.
A new screen with a wider color gamut.
iOS 10
IP67 water resistance
No headphone jacks! Only lightning ports
Brilliant new AirPods(159 dollars).

The prices are unchanged from the Iphone 6s's introductory prices, starting at 656 dollars for the iphone 7.

The new iphone is all set to set to completely disrupt the market and make its way to millions of eager customers.

You can pre-order it from the 9th of September with deliveries beginning from 16th of September initially in a few countries.

Apple also released the updated apple watch series 2, with  

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