Sunday, 12 April 2015

Aprillia RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF 2015

Aprilia has introduced the latest production versions of its World Superbike Championship-winning RSV4, with the 2015 models—designated the RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF—sporting numerous major updates intended to provide even better performance.

Unlike the certifiably mad Tuono V4 engine, the RSV4 powerplant had to stay under 1000cc in order to remain legal for World Superbike competition, so bore and stroke remain the same at 78 x 52.3mm. Literally everything else has been modified, including the induction system, resulting in a claimed increase of 16 hp and a weight loss of 1.5kg (3.3 pounds). For starters, the cylinder heads are all-new, with revised porting specs and combustion chambers that are now CNC-machined for accuracy and consistency. The valves are now all titanium, with new oval-section valve springs and new camshafts that are 500 grams lighter. As with the Tuono V4, the RSV4’s crankshaft now has smaller 36mm rod pins, and the Pankl connecting rods are a total of 400 grams lighter.
2015 aprilia rsv4 rr rf first look
The 2015 Aprilia RSV4 RR will come in this "Ascari Black" motif and gets a host of upgrades, including 16 more horsepower and a more advanced aPRC electronics package.

The RSV4 faces stiff competition from the thuggish Ducati Panigale 1299 and the bonkers Kawasaki H2.
Like the new Tuono engine, the RSV4’s upper crankcase half is now made using a shell fusion process for increased strength and less weight, and internal ventilation holes reduce pumping losses at higher rpm. The RSV4 engine’s lubrication system has been revamped, with a new oil sump design ensuring that there is no cavitation due to the oil pump pickup becoming exposed under hard acceleration or high lean angles; this was done because the overall oil level in the crankcase has been decreased in order to reduce friction. The oil pump intake line now has an overpressure valve with thinner mesh filter, the piston cooling oil nozzles were replaced, and the gearbox now has a direct oil feed instead of the usual splash lubrication. That transmission now has lighter primary gears, and the ratios have been changed to better take advantage of the increased power.
2015 aprilia rsv4 rr rf first look
The 2015 Aprilia RSV4 RF model comes with the usual Öhlins suspension front and rear as well as an Öhlins steering damper, plus forged aluminum wheels. Top-shelf Brembo M430 aluminum monobloc calipers and 320mm discs provide superb stopping power.
Down below, the entire exhaust system has been redesigned with new electronic valve management and an additional oxygen sensor. Up top, the airbox has been revamped, with the air filter now perpendicular to the airflow. The upper “shower” injectors are all-new, and the variable-length intake stacks now have increased travel for more influence on engine powerband.
Chassis changes include increasing swingarm length 14mm for better rear tire grip and less wheelie tendency with the new engine. The engine has been lowered in the chassis to the lowest position (the RSV4 is only sportbike that has adjustable engine height within the frame) to also compensate for the new engine’s increased power. As before, the RSV4 RR comes equipped with Sachs fork and shock, while the RSV4 RF comes with Öhlins suspension front and rear as well as an Öhlins steering damper, plus forged aluminum wheels.
2015 aprilia rsv4 rr rf first look
As with the new Tuono V4 1100, the high-end RSV4 RF model will only come in this "Superpole" racing livery.
The latest RSV4 gets the same aPRC electronics upgrades as the new Tuono V4 1100, with the third-generation system still featuring eight different traction control settings adjustable on the fly and using a more refined operating logic that alters the percentage of tire slippage allowed depending on the speed in the turn. The aWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) still comes with three settings, but map 1 (the least intervention) has been recalibrated to for better acceleration and a smoother drop of the front wheel when activated. Both the aLC (Aprilia Launch Control) with three settings for track starts and the aQS (Aprilia Quick Shift) for full-throttle upshifts return unchanged.
The new advanced Race ABS also comes standard on both RSV4s, with three levels of activation that also utilize the new RLM (Rear Lift-up Mitigation) feature. Level 1 is intended for track use (but Aprilia also says it’s approved for street use), while Level 2 is for sport riding on public roads and engages the RLM progressively based on the bike’s speed, and Level 3 is for poor grip conditions such as rain.
2015 aprilia rsv4 rr rf first look
The 2015 Aprilia RSV4 RR will also be available in this "Bucine Grey" color scheme.
Those three Race ABS settings can be combined with any of the three new engine maps, all of which also have their own dedicated engine brake management maps. The classic Track and Sport maps have now been joined by the new Race map, which has engine braking control reduced to a minimum for very aggressive circuit riding.
The new RSV4 also has the ability to pair up with the Piaggio Multimedia Platform V4-MP, which offers Active electronic setup for corner-by-corner electronics management using the GPS on your smartphone (either automatically using database parameters recommended by Aprilia Racing or your own preferences), Immersive virtual telemetry that records engine and user performance over the course of a lap, and Adaptive race assistant that provides tips in real time to help you safely achieve your best on lap on the track with your RSV4.
The RSV4 RR and RF will be available in the US in May 2015. No prices were confirmed at post time.

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