Saturday, 6 December 2014

Ferrari FXXK!

The brilliantly-named FXX K is based on the LaFerrari – the quickest road-legal production car ever made by the Italian manufacturer.
But for some wealthy customers, the 217mph LaFerrari isn't quite quick enough – so lab boffins in Maranello, northern Italy, decided to make it more extreme.
Tearing up the rulebook for road and race cars, Ferrari has built a "completely uncompromising" vehicle designed to give "an unprecedented driving experience".
On track: The FXX K is expected to make its global debut in Abu Dhabi next week
The FXX K now has more than 1,000bhp and will be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in less than THREE seconds.
It has been designed for lapping a racetrack as quickly as possible and has a 50 per cent increase in downforce to boost cornering.
The 'K' in the name is a reference to the "KERS" kinetic energy recovery system which boosts track performance.
It will also have a deafening roar, with engineers removing the silencers from the hybrid racecar's exhaust system.
Red for danger: The new car is built for the track and breaks all the rules for suitability for roads
Ferrari announced the first details of the FXX K today before it makes its global debut in Abu Dhabi next week.
A Ferrari statement said: "Unfettered by homologation and racing regulations, the FXX K will never be used in competition.
"It was, in fact, developed to be completely uncompromising, incorporating technological innovations that will guarantee an unprecedented driving experience to the exclusive group of Client-Test Drivers with whom the Prancing Horse will roll out a test programme over the coming two years."
The manufacturer refused to reveal pricing, but the limited edition track car is expected to cost in excess of £2million.

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